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Well, the day finally came!  Austin City Craft’s City-Wide Sewing Class was held today, and 21 new sewers entered “The Club!”  It was very very exciting.  We had giveaways ranging from pin cushions to a seam ripper to pretty flower straight pins to fabric to keychains to a real honest to goodness brand spanking new sewing machine!

Coming from all over the city (and this is the broad use of the word “city”), 21 ladies came in empty handed and left with a brand new pair of “stylish” (and this is the broad use of the “stylish”) pajama bottoms.  CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!

Here are LOTS of photos from the day.  Yes, there’s a lot – I did my best to make sure that every student was captured (thanks to Charlotte’s impromptu role of photographer).  You’ll also see the four co-teachers that worked so hard to make these 21 sewing dreams come true.  You’ll have to scroll down to the bottom to learn of the “tiny bit of bad news.”

Yep, it was FUN!

This is the set up that greeted each student.

Sweet sewing fingers of an eleven year old!

If these machines could talk...

Me and Ginger showing off the kazoos that each student received ... shocker alert: they didnt work.

A give-away winner! FREE FATQUARTER!

More crafty giveaways! We have show we're crafty folk, right!?!

Winner of the sewing machine. But remember - we're all winners just for being there.

BFF ... aawwww!

I love these gals. Clockwise from top left: Tiffany, Sarah, Charlotte, Ginger, me, Lacey. Thank ladies! We're making memories for sure!

And…I simply canNOT close out these photos with anyone except Charlotte.  She was simply just supposed to open the building and have the tables set up.  That’s it.  Done for the day.  Instead – she stayed ALL day, too photos, helped teach, made coffee, cleaned up, etc, etc. etc.  Thank you Charlotte.  I love this photo of you!

We all want to thank everyone for participating…and i want to especially thank the four of you who were tremendous teachers today.  Furthermore, thank you Lacey for helping make the pincushions, key chains, etc.  Ginger for making pretty much everything.  Tiffany for helping me cut fabric, arrange patterns, hand sew pincusions, and climb latters.  Sarah – you’re so clutch!  Thanks for coming in at the last minute despite jetlag.  I pray you get that adoption taken care of fast!!!

And now for the bad news.

And really, it’s just a tiny bit bad.

We can no longer call ourselves Austin City Craft.

It’s been a good run.  We had a month.  We purchased domains, set up a blog, created a Facebook page, started an Etsy shop, and held our first (and o-so-cool event). So it was good while it lasted!

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere – we just have to go forward under a different name.  (Long story that goes something like this: Trademark violation!)

So, we are on the prowl for the perfect name.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’m still Robie and this is still a sewing blog … so let’s go sew something!


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Well, I have been waiting a LLLOOOOOOOONNNNNGGG time to make this announcement.  Even still, we don’t have all the fancy logos/identity pieces ready … but I just couldn’t wait to make this announcement.  Are you sitting down?  Well, stand up!

Coming to Austin this Summer…

Austin City Craft!

An organization that brings crafters from all over the city into one room AND gives back to the city through charitable donations and volunteerism, etc.

More details will be coming soon…like a website!  But for now, I wanted to fill you in on the KICK OFF EVENT!

City-Wide Beginner Sewing Class

Sponsored by Austin City Craft

Saturday, July 16th

9am – 4pm

$50* – includes ALL supplies (except sewing machine)

3811 Harmon Avenue
Austin, TX 78751

This is an amazing deal – I am so excited about this I can hardly stand it.  Where else and when else can you learn to sew – including READING A PATTERN!  for $50 … and to top it off, proceeds from your payment go to local charities.  I’m so pumped!

If you’d like to know more about what you’ll learn, click here.

In short:

        • limited to 50 people
        • must pay in advance (we gotta buy the supplies!)
        • all supplies included with the $50
        • Machine NOT included, bring your own
        • must be 12 years old or older (children under 16 must have a parent enrolled as well)
        Contact me at robiedodson at gmail  for more details and to reserve your seat.

Have I mentioned I’m excited!!!

I wish I could literally teach all of Austin, but hey – 50 ain’t a bad start!  Come on, sign up now!!!

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Hi there sewing, crafting, creative or otherwise ridiculously fun friends!  I’ve missed you all!!!  It’s been SO long since I last posted, I don’t even remember what my last post was.  I am now 13 1/2 weeks pregnant with a feisty little dugger that has been causing all sorts of mayhem in my “system!”  If my other two children serve as true examples, I’m down to my last 3 weeks of “ugh-ness”….please say it’s so, I can’t do much more than that!!!

I thought I’d do a little post to fill you in the oh-so-few projects I’ve been able to complete the last 13 weeks.  I finished up a dress last night that’s been on the hemming table for about 10 weeks – that felt SO good.  I was able to complete a sewing class that was in limbo for several weeks, and I was finally able to make a dress for my daughter’s school pictures.  That’s about it….not much, but trust me – HUGE FEATS!

I’m hoping that more sewing times are a comin’ – keep your fingers crossed for me.  I have lots of plans for tutorials and patterns in my head, and I’d LOVE to get them out of my head before this baby arrives!

So, here are some photos….share with me what YOU’VE been up to, too!

This dress has polka dot button loops and a removeable fabric flower pin.

Ellie's school dress

made straight from a ModKid pattern - very easy and very fun to make!


the Lovely Tara!


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New Dresses!

I’ve had these dresses finished for about a week now, but I just now got around to photographing them.  Gosh, I wish I knew more about my camera!!!

anyway, here are the two new dresses I’ve just added to my shop – feel free to snatch them right up!!!

Tomorrow – I’ve got 2 new styles I’ll show you that sort of represent a Fall Preview….they both have SLEEVES!!!

Swirly Girl - Size M - $68

Urban Safari - Size M - $74

also tomorrow, pictures from my latest sewing class – they were FABULOUS!!!

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Hey readers and crafters….have you explored as much as you possibly can with your glue gun and are now ready to move on to the ultimate “craftyness?”

Come learn to sew!!!

I have a class scheduled for Tuesday night August 10th & 17th…I’ve got 2 lovely ladies who would love to have 3 more of you join in. So come on and join us!!!

I’m already pretty cheap, but I’ll give you an additional $5 discount if you mention my blog…just email me!

3 Real-Life Sewers!

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Ohhhhh, helloooooo friends and bloggers!!  Gosh – it’s uber late at night but it sure feels good to be back online at SoSewSomething.com.  I’m glad they didn’t discontinue my account!

I don’t remember the last time I posted something that I made – my life and days have been somewhat hijacked as of late… lots of fun stuff and an occassional bore, but mostly I’ve been out living life, loving my kids and, of course, making dresses!

While I’m “back” to my blog, I thought tonight I’d make an effort to prove that although I’ve been too lazy to download photos, I have in fact been DIY’ing… if you’ve got time – scroll down.  If not – just take my word for it!  Here are just a few things that I’ve been doing… in no particular order!

Sewing Lessons!

Getting a Wholesale Fabric account! Yay!!!

Make-It-Monday : Felt appliques, so fun!

Seersucker Sailor Strapless dress ... not one ruffle on this dress!

April's Diamond dress

fun little number! recognize that flower?

probably my favorite piece this year!

March's Aquamarine goddess dress

Believe it or not, there’s more, but I’ll stop there.  This DIY’er is tired!

It’s great to be together again…..As a thank you for hanging in there with me, leave me a comment about what you’ve been making.  Next Friday, I’ll pick a winner who will win one of these (my newest addiction!):

These spring scarves are SO easy and fun to wear!

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It just hit me that I haven’t scheduled any classes for February…send me an email if you’d like to learn this month…How about a sale???  All February classes $75 !!!

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