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What’s up sewers and fabric hoarders!

I thought I’d pass along two dresses… both can be made to order… as usual, the first one is made in a size 6/8 so those are ready to ship!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Made to Order: Size 2-28

Ready to ship: Size Small (4/6…maybe even 8 if you’re small busted)

$68…. (Etsy price: $78)


Pantone's color of the year is pale purple. But let's be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin'.

Pantone’s color of the year is pale purple. But let’s be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin’.

Made to Order: any size!

Ready to Ship: size small (6/8)

$40 … (Etsy price: $55)

Just in case you’ve got a little Easter shopping to do!

Stay tuned…I’ve got a new tutorial coming ASAP!

love and fabric to all,



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Y’all, I sort of feel like I’ve been winning at poker…I’ve successfully completed TWO dresses in four days. Insert a squeal the height of my 7 year old!

Thanks to my “Sew What You Got” Challenge, I’m somehow ridiculously motivated to sew through every one of my gajillion patterns. And so far, I’m loving the results!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another fun idea I’m working on, but for tonight, here’s proof that I’m sewin’ what I’m sayin’.


The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something...

The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something…

So I went to my grandmother's stash of vintage lace!

So I went to my grandmother’s stash of vintage lace!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I've got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I’ve got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really enjoyed making this pattern.

It was simple, fast and nothing was unexpected. I especially loved their pocket insertion directions… WAY easier and faster than most. I will definitely make this pattern again. Probably tomorrow!

Time: about 2.5 hours

Cost: about $9


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Hey y’all!

I wanted to check in to let you know that so far…I’m winning… mostly.

If you read this post, you’re aware that I’ve given myself a little challenge to use the patterns currently in my stash. (or should I say STASHES!) Also, I’m trying my darndest to use fabric I already own as well. Hence the title “Sew What You Got Challenge.”

For tonight, I thought I’d let you know that I’m having a blast. In the last 4 days, I’ve sewn TWO dresses. YIKES!!! I’m so happy!

Here’s some details for the first.



I started with the stash above. And I grabbed this pattern below because it was on top.



Here’s what I ended up with! I love it! 

To keep it from being a little too crazy – I added the fun HUGE rick rack to the side seam. I’m thinking it was a good call. 

If you’re interested in a pattern review, just keep on a-readin’.

McCalls 6695:

I love having this dress but I will most likely never make this dress again. It is marked “easy” on the pattern front, but in my opinion that’s misleading. For someone like me whose been sewing a loooong time, it wasn’t what I’d call hard… but it was very time consuming. I do think a novice sewer would be frustrated with a few of the steps. I think they could’ve tweaked the design in a couple of places to make it much simpler and actually have better results.


Tomorrow… Challenge Dress #2…FOR SALE! Here’s a sneak peak:


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We just returned from our spring break trip to the Ozark Mountains. It was awesome. Mostly….

What wasn’t awesome was returning to a home filled with the sights and smells of a dwelling used for band after-parties! Yep. That was us. Each year we rent our house out for spring break because it’s also known as SXSW around here in Austin, Tx. People come from all over the world to hear music on literally every street corner. We make a lot of money renting our home, and the crews get a nice place to relax while enjoying our fair city.

Every time has been awesome… this time… not so much! The smell of cigarette smoke is every where, and I found a cigarette butt underneath my daughter’s bed. UGH!!! AND, as it turns out, Airbnb.com no longer collects the security deposits they claim to collect. Yep. So, here we are forced to figure out how to rid our carpets, curtains, sofas and so forth of the cigarette residue on our own…

If you’re feeling stressed, so AM I! So stressed in fact… that the only logical thing to do in this situation is… think, Think, THINK…


In all of my frustration yesterday, I had the BEST Realization… I’M A PATTERN HOARDER! And I should do something about all those patterns I own!



Somewhere along the way, I let my FABRIC hoarding overflow into PATTERN hoarding, too! Probably around the time my second child was born. I think I decided that if I own the pattern then that’s practically owning the dress…makes sense, right!

Anyway..I’m challenging myself to do something about/with all these patterns. It may sound crazy, but I think I’ll try SEWING with them!

Looking around my sewing room, in the drawers and little nooks and crannies, I chose a stack of patterns.



They were camouflaged as a lamp, I’m sure you would have never noticed them! 

I chose this stack of patterns and came up with this challenge for myself:


Here are the rules:

1. Choose a stack of patterns but DO NOT sort through or look at them prior to choosing them.

2. Start with the pattern on top and sew through the stack on pattern at a time.

3. If at all possible, use the fabric you already have. (Goodness knows I’ve got plenty…or do I?)

4. It’s acceptable to buy notions.

5. It’s acceptable to purchase fabric or other supplies when necessary to make the garment what you like..but do NOT go crazy…her hee.

6. If you come across the same pattern more than once, I do not have to resew it…unless I choose to!

Wanna join me???

Here’s my first project:


Stack #1. EEEEK!! I see some little baby feet in there…. I wonder what’s ahead for me!!!


This pattern was on top of the stack and I am SOOOOOOO happy!


Here’s the fabric I chose- by Amy Butler…I love it! I’m taking a bit of a risk because the pattern is created for lace which has a significantly different drape… but this girlie girl is okay with fluffy dresses, so fingers crossed!

Okay y’all… I’d love for some of you to join me!

I’ll be posting other things as well, but be on the lookout for the finished products/pattern reviews/etc that coincide with this personal challenge…

Here’s to making room in my storage drawers for MORE PATTERNS!!!…….AND FABRIC!!!!


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Well, up until today, I had not decided whether or not I was going to offer this dress to the proverbial “Public”.  I absolutely LOVE  it … but I haven’t gotten fully confident I can create it adequately for people all over the world whom I’ll never size in person.

recognize that Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric??? I have finally gone through all 15 yards I purchased!

Well, today I have made the leap and said YES to that inner voice saying, “Make this for other people, you freak!”


Because I was standing in the parking lot at a grocery store (YES – texting!) when I heard a stranger’s voice yell:


To which I gratefully replied, “Thank You!”

and he said:


Well, I may pay to be blonde, but I don’t pay to be stupid!  I can tell when there’s a good thing going on!!!  Earlier this morning my husband sent me off for a manicure and pedicure … and the technician couldn’t stop talking about my dress.  She didn’t call it “killer” but she did say it was “fabulous” … in come cultures those words are interchangeable!

Soooooo, here is a sneak peak at the first One-Shoulder dress being made available in my Etsy shop.  Hereafter referred to as the Killer Dress!

Here is the dress shown with a funky chunky feaux turquoise necklace from my pal over at Polished on Etsy. It's a very slimming a-line silhouette. Very fun and versatile to wear! I started with a Burda pattern, made a few tweaks, and the rest is "killer" history.

And here's the back - equally simple which keeps it so easy to wear! You'll notice the zipper on the right hand side - keeps it formfitting without the need for elastic.

In case you didn't notice, it's a one-shoulder dress! (I've made a million of these, but this is by far the simplest and most universally flattering that I've made so far. If you don't like your arms showing - you can add a cute cardigan and just show off the asymmetrical line of the bodice across your chest/neckline.)

Here is how I wore it today - funky necklace, fun belt, wedge sandals. I did not, however, walk around with my arms like that. Or my lips. (I also wore it this way last Tuesday and Wednesday ... maybe this is quickly becoming my 2012 wardrobe!)

So000, if you dig this dress and would like to order one – feel free to thank the random Randall’s parking lot guy!

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If you look back into September’s posts, you’ll find a fun guest post from my friend Ginger who wrote about celebrating the art of giving hand-sewn gifts.  (She also makes wonderfully hand-sewn party decorations … be sure to ask her about how much she enjoyed, cough, making “real” bunting!

Well….to the point of this post … my husband and I have friends living in Malasia who after having three beautiful children heard the news that they had been given one of those “surprise!” pregnancies.  That surprise pregnancy turned out to be TWINS!  Yes, that’s right.  They went from being content with three children, to being content with FIVE!  In August, Sarah Joy delivered two beautiful baby boys.  Wow. Their quiver is SO full!

She asked me just before they were born if I’d make the boys onesies with their initials on them.  Of course, I agreed.  I also decided to make all the kids something.  It ended up taking WAAAYYY longer than my intentions had hoped, but alas, it’s finished and ready for the post.

pants for the 2 year old boy, dresses for the girls, and onesies for the tiny babies!

One with an S and one with a J - Samuel and Justice. I used a solid quilting cotton and a striped calico fabric, then used a satin-stitch on my machine to applique them to the onesie.

It's hard to fit girls I've never met, so I used a very simple, loose-fitting pattern for their dresses. I wanted them to be similar but unique. After all, there is only one set of twins (for now!) in this family! The blue dress is made from Amy Butler Soul Blossoms fabric. For the ruffle and hem, I used two fat quarters. The pink dress is made from a Michael Miller fabric I purchased for $2.85 a yard!!!! crazy wicked awesome. The bow and hem are made from muslin fabric - the bow is a pin that can be removed.

Isn't this fabric AMAZING!!! It's Echino - and is 45% linen. I love handling this fabric and can't wait to get more! These pants are, admittedly, a bit bold, but Owen gave them a thumbs up so I'm hoping our friends will too!

So there you go – I hope I’ve inspired you make something fun for someone else … I don’t know why, but sometimes it’s very hard to let go of my “stash.”  But seriously????  What is a fabric stash for if not to give away!?!?

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I have been trying for a while to come up with THE BEST way to make a baby carrier for my Rosamund.  We have an awesome hand-me-down baby seat, but it has desperately needed some GIRLY-ING UP!

Well, a few weeks ago, I came across THIS TUTORIAL BY ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGS: CLUCK CLUCK SEW and as it turns out – she has already created the best way!  To top it off – it’s super easy, doesn’t require a pattern, and can be made in about 30 minutes…with only 2 yards of fabric plus some scraps, so it’s CHEAP too!  Rockin’!

Here is my finished product.

Be sure to check out Cluck Cluck Sew for the Tutorial!

I can't get enough of this Amy Butler fabric! I ordered a whole bolt, so stay tuned for more stuff made out of it!

Front view - no one will ever guess you have a baby in there! wink.

Those straps are held together with sew-on velcro (hook and loop tape) = easy breezy. Next time, though, I think I'll use snaps.

And when, like mine, your baby starts to freak out needing some attention, just pull the cover up over the handle. Cluck Cluck Sew makes hers with a different fabric underneath - too cute!

I would show you a picture of Rosamund and her new carrier cover ... but is otherwise occupied at the moment!

Now, go make about a dozen of these and give them away … I think I will!

Here’s the breakdown:

time: if you’re super fast, maybe 20 minutes. Realistically – 30 minutes to an hour.

cost: you need 2 yards or two 1 yard pieces.  I used designer fabric, but purchased it wholesale, so my cost is $10.50 + $1.50 for the velcro.  If you purchase fabric for less or use scraps, then the cost will be way less, or even FREE!  Awesome gift potential here!

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