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Well HELLLOOOOOO fellow sewing and fabric addicts!  This is my first post of 2012 – it’s good to be typing after all these days away!

I hope you all had a ridiculously wonderful Holiday Season – I’d love to hear about all the handmade gifts you receive…and, if you read all the way down, you’ll see that you just might get rewarded for sharing…. oohh, how enticing right!?!

Well for me, I’ve been thinking.  (well, sewing is more accurate but thinking happens during sewing so it counts!)  Every year I make a big fuss with myself to figure out what should my New Years’ Resolution be.  I am opposed to weight loss resolutions and clean house resolutions.  I mean come on, we only live once.  My resolutions are never earth shaking but I do try to make them thoughtful and serious.

Oh, are you just so totally hooked…dying to hear what I’ve come up with for this year????

This year I decided that the worst thing I can do is try to change something about myself.  I’m not really capable of doing that and, furthermore, I just don’t like to think about things of that nature for too long.  My three lovely offspring keep hijacking my thoughts so it’s pretty futile to think too deeply at any given time!

What I CAN do, however, is improve something for other people.  I’m not talking about changing the world – although that would be awesome once I’m able to think deeply again.  I’m talking about spreading more joy and being more generous.  I was inspired by Ginger Nixon’s guest blog post about GIVING.  I was inspired by Tiffany Schwedland who often shows up at my house with a fun yard of fabric for me.  I was inspired by the truth that it’s better to give than to receive.

Sooooooo….in 2012 … it is my hope and intention to GIVE MORE AWAY!!  And this applies to my blogosphere pals just as much as to my family, friends, neighborhood and city.  I’ll try to keep you posted on what that looks like. ..but for today, for my Generosity 2012 hopes, I’ll start with you lovely people!

Generosity in 2012 Giveaway #1

One of these bookmarks...

...these fun kitty cat bobbies ...

...and this Strapless dress! (Size M/L - fits 10-14)

I have these lovely pieces in my possession right now.  I decided that I’d much rather have one of you lovelies wearing them than I would rather just having them sit around and collect dust!

How to win this set?

Tell me about the best handmade gift(s) you received for Christmas/Holidays.

I’ll pick a winner on Friday night, January 13, 2012.

Oh…I’m getting excited about the new year already!!!

(Oh, and yes – this generosity thing WILL INCLUDE lots of new free tutorials!!!)


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I have a small sheet of paper in my handly little note pad where I mapped out all the things I wanted to post for So Celebrate National Sewing Month.  Needless, to say, I have not even come close to completing that list.  Sigh.

One of the things on that list, however, is Fabric YoYos!

I had totally overlooked this on my list until I attended a baby shower on Saturday morning.  Darling Sarah Brumit gave the most darling onesies to our friend Lindsey … one she handpainted the sweetest polka dot trail, and the other she sewed three fabric yoyos across the top.  I so wish I had taken a picture of these little wonders because they were SO cute!

I hadn’t originally planned on doing a tutorial for yoyos – I was just going to show a few ways that they can be used as sweet and sassy embellishments … BUT… when I asked Sarah if she made her yoyos herself, she said no.  What!?!  Could it be that Sarah doesn’t know how?  If that’s the case —- I really need to remedy that for her!  Hence, today’s post – How to Make a Fabric YoYo!

All you need is a circle of fabric, a needle & thread, and an iron.

Press the edges of the circle to the inside just a small little bit.

Take your needle & thread and sew a basting stitch all the way around the circle. When you get back to where you started, gently pull on the thread and the sides will pull themselves into the center!

Tie a knot with the thread, press flat. You're done. Hilarious how easy that is, huh!?!

I added a covered button in the center and attached it to a fast and easy headband for Ellie.

And I made a pin / brooch out of another one. Just cut a circle of felt, sew the pin to the circle and hot glue it onto the back.

Fabric YoYos...any YoYo can make 'em!

There’s today’s little ditty about sewing celebrating.  I hope to see you again tonight… to catch up!?!?


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Well….in one sense, nothing is going on around here.  In my belly, that is.

In another sense, TONS of things are going on around here … the checklist, the projects, the cleaning (coughing here), etc.

I’ve been working on a couple of tutorials the past couple of nights to give me a break from bridesmaids dresses and Etsy orders.  (I have  a rule that says “make two for others, one for you”.  This keeps my creative juices flowing!)

These tutorials aren’t quite finished because I’m actually trying to use my “real” camera; however, I thought I’d give you a little hint of things to come.

I am wanting to do a little series on GIFT-GIVING…specifically, gifts that you can create in 15 minutes for under $5!  Who’s with me???

Here are the first two tutorials on the docket – look for the first one either tonight or tomorrow…barring any baby news of course!

Pseudo Quilted Coasters - cost $2!

Tissue Pouch - cost FREE! (if you have scraps, otherwise about $2!)

I am really excited about this little series because it’s super relevant to my life these days…always looking for inexpensive and FAST gifts for hostesses, new moms, thank-you’s, etc.

I’m still compiling my list of tutorials and ideas, so if there’s something you’ve been hankering to learn how to make – give me a shout out!

Until tonight – have a GREAT day!!!

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Oh gosh, where to begin?!?!  Today was a wonderful day as we celebrated Ellie Christine’s 3rd birthday.  She began the weekend with lots of fever but she held on strong to have a truly wonderful party.  I have honestly never seen her so thoroughly happy…I think she may a little bit of her mother’s Party-Love in her.  Oh well, she’ll always manage to have a good time with a crowd, that’s for sure!

After a long day and a good hot bath, I sat down to make a fun headband for my jogging adventures this week.  I like those elastic headbands that have the rubbery stuff on the back – they’re skinny and hold on tight.  Problem is – they’re NOT CUTE!  Not, that is, until you add….A COVERED BUTTON, OF COURSE.  And they’re even cuter when you add THREE covered buttons!

Below, you’ll find a brief photo blog of how to assemble them….plus  a few shots of today’s party – Memaw made the trip down from Dallas after spending a week in the hospital, so I wanted to show off a couple shots of her!  Thanks, mom, for bringing her down!  I had a great time with y’all!

Materials: elastic headband, buttons to cover, twine, scissors, scrap fabric

On the back piece of the button, pull out the metal loop with your scissors leaving 2 holes.

loop twine around the elastic headband and into the two holes

twist the twine - tightly encasing the headband and securing the button back. Trim the twine close with your scissors.

cover your button as usual...add as many as you want!

Time: about 6 minutes.

Cost: 7/8″ covered buttons are about $1.25 for 4.  I used 3, so let’s round up to $1.  I had all the other supplies on hand, so total for me $1.  If you bought everything new, I’d guess this would cost you about $3..but you’ll have that twine roll around for a long time and you’ll usually get about 5 headbands in a pack, so you can make lots more of these with no extra cost!  So get to it!

And now, for the shameless birthday photos…

Jonathan with the little "bakers"

Ellie (in the middle) with a glimps of Owen on the right.

Can you believe MeMaw is 93!?!? No way!!! I want proof!

a beautiful moment with two beautiful gals!

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Today is the day that I demonstrate just how easy it is to make something QUICKLY!!

I just got home from a very fun Mary Kay party at the very fun Kelbi’s house.  Thanks to all of you for a great night, and to you Jaclyn for being such a great consultant…and I hope that’s your name so that you know that I’m talking about YOU!  Anyway, by the time I got the kids in the bed and my mother and grandmother situated (they’re visiting for Ellie’s birthday tomorrow), I looked at the clock which read “11:15″…OUCH, not good for a DIY’er yet to DIH (Do it Herself)!

So, I just ran upstairs, grabbed a blank ring and a blank covered button and some (you guessed it) scrap fabric.  Combined the three with a dollup of hot glue, and TADAH, a ring in a matter of 3 minutes!  While I sort of feel like George Kostansa as a hand model, I am happy to show the ring to you!

Time: again, 3 MINUTES!!!

Cost: FREE…but if I had to buy it today, it would still only cost about $0.75!

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Knowing that I won’t have much time today for being crafty….I decided to make one of my favorite EASY projects…a COVERED BUTTON BOOKMARK.  I made these for all the kids’ teachers for Christmas presents, and they were a big hit.  I made so many for Christmas, but I realized that I didn’t have a single one left in the house….Not anymore!

Today’s version is made from a beautiful scrap of Amy Butler fabric and is made especially for the new bible that Jonathan got me for Christmas.  I think I’ll make a couple more for the other books lieing around my house (literally!)

Okay, so I just realized that my picture is blurry – I’ll fix that soon.  But until then, here’s the details:

I bought covered buttons and these bookmarks from here. Then I created the covered button and hotglued it on.  Time required: about 1.5 minutes.  Nice!  Cost: about $1.

These are so fun for gifts….warning, you’ll get addicted!

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