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We just returned from our spring break trip to the Ozark Mountains. It was awesome. Mostly….

What wasn’t awesome was returning to a home filled with the sights and smells of a dwelling used for band after-parties! Yep. That was us. Each year we rent our house out for spring break because it’s also known as SXSW around here in Austin, Tx. People come from all over the world to hear music on literally every street corner. We make a lot of money renting our home, and the crews get a nice place to relax while enjoying our fair city.

Every time has been awesome… this time… not so much! The smell of cigarette smoke is every where, and I found a cigarette butt underneath my daughter’s bed. UGH!!! AND, as it turns out, Airbnb.com no longer collects the security deposits they claim to collect. Yep. So, here we are forced to figure out how to rid our carpets, curtains, sofas and so forth of the cigarette residue on our own…

If you’re feeling stressed, so AM I! So stressed in fact… that the only logical thing to do in this situation is… think, Think, THINK…


In all of my frustration yesterday, I had the BEST Realization… I’M A PATTERN HOARDER! And I should do something about all those patterns I own!



Somewhere along the way, I let my FABRIC hoarding overflow into PATTERN hoarding, too! Probably around the time my second child was born. I think I decided that if I own the pattern then that’s practically owning the dress…makes sense, right!

Anyway..I’m challenging myself to do something about/with all these patterns. It may sound crazy, but I think I’ll try SEWING with them!

Looking around my sewing room, in the drawers and little nooks and crannies, I chose a stack of patterns.



They were camouflaged as a lamp, I’m sure you would have never noticed them! 

I chose this stack of patterns and came up with this challenge for myself:


Here are the rules:

1. Choose a stack of patterns but DO NOT sort through or look at them prior to choosing them.

2. Start with the pattern on top and sew through the stack on pattern at a time.

3. If at all possible, use the fabric you already have. (Goodness knows I’ve got plenty…or do I?)

4. It’s acceptable to buy notions.

5. It’s acceptable to purchase fabric or other supplies when necessary to make the garment what you like..but do NOT go crazy…her hee.

6. If you come across the same pattern more than once, I do not have to resew it…unless I choose to!

Wanna join me???

Here’s my first project:


Stack #1. EEEEK!! I see some little baby feet in there…. I wonder what’s ahead for me!!!


This pattern was on top of the stack and I am SOOOOOOO happy!


Here’s the fabric I chose- by Amy Butler…I love it! I’m taking a bit of a risk because the pattern is created for lace which has a significantly different drape… but this girlie girl is okay with fluffy dresses, so fingers crossed!

Okay y’all… I’d love for some of you to join me!

I’ll be posting other things as well, but be on the lookout for the finished products/pattern reviews/etc that coincide with this personal challenge…

Here’s to making room in my storage drawers for MORE PATTERNS!!!…….AND FABRIC!!!!



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Just a little hint of Fall….

Hi everyone – how are you?

I have been a little stretched lately, but somehow in between feeding my children, endlessly cleaning my house, and fulfilling Etsy orders, I’ve managed to also do some daydreaming AND some creating for FALL!  Yikes, good heaven’s to Betsy, can you even believe it’s almost FALL???

Here on the surface of the Sun (Austin, TX), we have a heat index of 110.  It seems a little ridiculous to be creating long-sleeved, dark colored, heavy-weight fabric dresses….but such is the call of a dressmaker, I suppose.  If not, then it was just simply a whim completely without reason.  I can live with that, too.

Either way – I’m waiting to find time to take “real” photos of this one so all I’ve got is a teaser.  OOOOOHHH, scandalous!

You’ll notice it’s a nice deep heather gray – and I’ve added just the most fun embellishment out there – YOYO’S!  And to top it off, the yoyos are made from the most beautiful and luxurious fabric ever – straight from the streets of PARIS!!!  (That’s why I used it for the yoyos – I couldn’t bear to cut into it and lose it forever.  This way it will slowly but slowly just disappear.  I like that.  I don’t like quick goodbyes)

So here it is….sorry for the lame-O photograph.  If you saw my iphone, you’d understand!

It's a Long-sleeved dress that's accented with these little fabric Yo Yos - and the bodice and sleeves are finished with bias tape from the same fun fabric!

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