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What’s up sewers and fabric hoarders!

I thought I’d pass along two dresses… both can be made to order… as usual, the first one is made in a size 6/8 so those are ready to ship!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Made to Order: Size 2-28

Ready to ship: Size Small (4/6…maybe even 8 if you’re small busted)

$68…. (Etsy price: $78)


Pantone's color of the year is pale purple. But let's be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin'.

Pantone’s color of the year is pale purple. But let’s be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin’.

Made to Order: any size!

Ready to Ship: size small (6/8)

$40 … (Etsy price: $55)

Just in case you’ve got a little Easter shopping to do!

Stay tuned…I’ve got a new tutorial coming ASAP!

love and fabric to all,



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Y’all, I sort of feel like I’ve been winning at poker…I’ve successfully completed TWO dresses in four days. Insert a squeal the height of my 7 year old!

Thanks to my “Sew What You Got” Challenge, I’m somehow ridiculously motivated to sew through every one of my gajillion patterns. And so far, I’m loving the results!

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about another fun idea I’m working on, but for tonight, here’s proof that I’m sewin’ what I’m sayin’.


The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something...

The bodice started like this. While I LOVE this Amy Butler print, it was just missing a little something…

So I went to my grandmother's stash of vintage lace!

So I went to my grandmother’s stash of vintage lace!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

…and decided the bodice would look much better a little something like this!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

Finished garment looks a little something like this… LOVE!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I've got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really really love how it turned out. I sold this one but I’ve got more fabric… feeling like I need one too!

I really enjoyed making this pattern.

It was simple, fast and nothing was unexpected. I especially loved their pocket insertion directions… WAY easier and faster than most. I will definitely make this pattern again. Probably tomorrow!

Time: about 2.5 hours

Cost: about $9


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Hey y’all!

I wanted to check in to let you know that so far…I’m winning… mostly.

If you read this post, you’re aware that I’ve given myself a little challenge to use the patterns currently in my stash. (or should I say STASHES!) Also, I’m trying my darndest to use fabric I already own as well. Hence the title “Sew What You Got Challenge.”

For tonight, I thought I’d let you know that I’m having a blast. In the last 4 days, I’ve sewn TWO dresses. YIKES!!! I’m so happy!

Here’s some details for the first.



I started with the stash above. And I grabbed this pattern below because it was on top.



Here’s what I ended up with! I love it! 

To keep it from being a little too crazy – I added the fun HUGE rick rack to the side seam. I’m thinking it was a good call. 

If you’re interested in a pattern review, just keep on a-readin’.

McCalls 6695:

I love having this dress but I will most likely never make this dress again. It is marked “easy” on the pattern front, but in my opinion that’s misleading. For someone like me whose been sewing a loooong time, it wasn’t what I’d call hard… but it was very time consuming. I do think a novice sewer would be frustrated with a few of the steps. I think they could’ve tweaked the design in a couple of places to make it much simpler and actually have better results.


Tomorrow… Challenge Dress #2…FOR SALE! Here’s a sneak peak:


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We just returned from our spring break trip to the Ozark Mountains. It was awesome. Mostly….

What wasn’t awesome was returning to a home filled with the sights and smells of a dwelling used for band after-parties! Yep. That was us. Each year we rent our house out for spring break because it’s also known as SXSW around here in Austin, Tx. People come from all over the world to hear music on literally every street corner. We make a lot of money renting our home, and the crews get a nice place to relax while enjoying our fair city.

Every time has been awesome… this time… not so much! The smell of cigarette smoke is every where, and I found a cigarette butt underneath my daughter’s bed. UGH!!! AND, as it turns out, Airbnb.com no longer collects the security deposits they claim to collect. Yep. So, here we are forced to figure out how to rid our carpets, curtains, sofas and so forth of the cigarette residue on our own…

If you’re feeling stressed, so AM I! So stressed in fact… that the only logical thing to do in this situation is… think, Think, THINK…


In all of my frustration yesterday, I had the BEST Realization… I’M A PATTERN HOARDER! And I should do something about all those patterns I own!



Somewhere along the way, I let my FABRIC hoarding overflow into PATTERN hoarding, too! Probably around the time my second child was born. I think I decided that if I own the pattern then that’s practically owning the dress…makes sense, right!

Anyway..I’m challenging myself to do something about/with all these patterns. It may sound crazy, but I think I’ll try SEWING with them!

Looking around my sewing room, in the drawers and little nooks and crannies, I chose a stack of patterns.



They were camouflaged as a lamp, I’m sure you would have never noticed them! 

I chose this stack of patterns and came up with this challenge for myself:


Here are the rules:

1. Choose a stack of patterns but DO NOT sort through or look at them prior to choosing them.

2. Start with the pattern on top and sew through the stack on pattern at a time.

3. If at all possible, use the fabric you already have. (Goodness knows I’ve got plenty…or do I?)

4. It’s acceptable to buy notions.

5. It’s acceptable to purchase fabric or other supplies when necessary to make the garment what you like..but do NOT go crazy…her hee.

6. If you come across the same pattern more than once, I do not have to resew it…unless I choose to!

Wanna join me???

Here’s my first project:


Stack #1. EEEEK!! I see some little baby feet in there…. I wonder what’s ahead for me!!!


This pattern was on top of the stack and I am SOOOOOOO happy!


Here’s the fabric I chose- by Amy Butler…I love it! I’m taking a bit of a risk because the pattern is created for lace which has a significantly different drape… but this girlie girl is okay with fluffy dresses, so fingers crossed!

Okay y’all… I’d love for some of you to join me!

I’ll be posting other things as well, but be on the lookout for the finished products/pattern reviews/etc that coincide with this personal challenge…

Here’s to making room in my storage drawers for MORE PATTERNS!!!…….AND FABRIC!!!!


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What should you do when you have 9 minutes to kill …. think, think, think.

You could clean your bathroom.

You could clean out your refrigerator.

You could jog a mile.


I really really made this in less than 10 minutes!

If you got ten minutes to spare, read on for how to whip this up and have 30 seconds to spare.

Grab a skirt that comes close to the size you’re wanting and lay it on top of your fabric. Keep your fabric folded just like it comes. I knew I wanted the new skirt longer than the current one, so as you can see I left room at the bottom.

Then just cut out a rectangle-ish piece of fabric. You can see that I cut it a little longer at the top to accommodate the elastic casing, and again, I made it longer at the bottom. (yes, you can also see that I didn’t worry about making it a perfect rectangle. This is a summer skirt – it’s going to be flowy, relax a little!

Fold the fabric right sides together and align the selvedge edges. Serge or sew that edge. (the other edge is the fold so there’s no need to sew – score!)

Next, serge or narrow hem the top and bottom edges.

Your bottom edge is done, finished, bam! The top edge now needs an elastic casing, so fold over the top edge and press.

Sew all the way around the elastic casing, leave an opening at the side seam to insert your elastic.

Use the sample skirt to determine how long to make the elastic. I made the new skirt’s elastic slightly longer than the sample so Ellie can keep growing. (just squint if you’re having trouble seeing the blurry image!)

Using a safety pin, thread the elastic through the casing, then sew closed. Bam, your skirt is finished ….. AFTER you press down that side seam. Look at your clock – it should say approximately TEN MINUTES has passed!

The skirt you see here technically took 14 minutes – but that’s because I was taking photos along the way.  I wanted to see the “real” time so I made a second skirt for my other daughter using exactly the same process.  That time was 9 minutes!  I’m trying hard not to spit my Lacroix out of my nose because this is SO exciting!

This fabric makes me smile – I know they’re technically pears, but they make me think of lemonade!

Would you believe that each skirt cost me less than $2!?!? That’s cheaper than Savers people!

Now, yes, I know that this skirt is a total bare-bones skirt.  BUT WHO CARES!!!!????!!!!  If you pick out fabric that you love, you don’t need crazy ornate patterns, just let the fabric speak for its self!

Here’s the breakdown … and you seriously won’t believe this:

Time:  have I been stuttering?  In case you missed it, these skirts take 9 minutes!!!  (In the effort of full disclosure, I used a serger.  If you use a regular sewing machine, you might choose to do a double folded hem which will add about 2 minutes to the total.  Not bad if you ask me!)

Cost: Under $2!  I bought my fabric on sale for half price making it $3.50/yd.  The longest skirt was cut at 18″, making it $1.75 for fabric.  I had the elastic on hand, so I added just a quarter to the price since I didn’t use much.

These are awesome for a summer fun wardrobe that you don’t spend much on … you’ll be sooooo happy to let them get these all dirty and rotten because the expense and time burden are so super small.  Also, these are awesome for inexpensive but powerful birthday presents!

Lastly – you really really really can do this for a grown up too.  I am working on one for me as I type this – since my serger thread ran out, I thought I’d post the first two first.  Either way, it’s still a 9 minute skirt!

Go grab nine minutes, half a yard of fabric – and have fun!!!

Oh, and by the way – I’m certainly NOT the first person to create a fast skirt … for more ideas on making quick skirts (and a million other things, check out my friends over at All Free Sewing … every tutorial is free and easy!  I love this website!)


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Greetings friends and sewing fans!!!

As I was finally rounding out the race known to me as my first Dress Revolution, my husband and whisked ourselves off to New York City for six days…without kids…SIX DAYS!!!  (read: six gloriously wonderful exciting fun-filled days to do whatever we want with absolutely no chocolate milk anywhere to be found!)

So, of course, I visited Bryant Park. A girl can dream, right!?!

MOOD FABRICS!!!! The dream continued!

One of those six days consisted of a whole day for me BY. MY. SELF. in the the city.  It was wonderful!  I love a great party and I love people…but I have this weird reclusive tendency in me that likes to hide away and be completely anonymous.  This happened wonderfully in my day away as I was able to spend THREE HOURS in Mood Fabrics.  It was dreamy (except for the high prices, cough cough).  Can you imagine if I had taken Jonathan there for three hours?  We’d certainly have ended up in the emergency room trying to diagnose a never-before-seen fabric rash that creeped up all over his body.  Anyway, where was I?  oh yes…

Lots of y'all out there are addicted to chevron patterns, and I totally get it. I, however, am addicted to houndstooth ... and this place had the most wonderful stash ... look at the scale on those teeth...DREAMY!!! At $30 a yard, I decided to just appreciate the fabric as I would the Mona Lisa.

Here's a very friendly sales associate cutting my first bolt ... this is just the softest cotton in the world, I love it!

Yes it was expensive ... but even for this annoyingly frugal girl, It was worth it! I got a free tote bag after all. Thanks Mood! (please tell me you read this using your best Tim Gunn voice!)

Well, let’s move along.  While enjoying my day away, I also strolled around SOHO.  They have some the cutest and most fabulous boutiques you can imagine.  I didn’t get a photo, but in one of the windows was this most darling dress.  Very simple.  Navy blue mostly with an emerald green skirt front.  In other words, a simple navy and green color blocked dress.  Their cost: $800.

My cost ... are you ready for this ... $7.50! (confession: found the fabric on ridiculous sale!) Oh, and someone please pressure me into using my "real" camera, this is getting stupid!

Well, that’s it.  That’s a quick synopsis of my time in NYC – atleast the fabric portion.  I’m sure I’ll be showing you projects made with the fabric I purchased.  For now… since you read all the way down …. Let’s do a Giveway!


First one to comment with the correct answer wins a ZIPPER POUCH!

I thought you might like to see a photo of my hubs ... he's so hot! Here we are at a coffee shop on the upper west side. I think it was called Cafe LaLa. SO YUMMY!

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Hey there friends and family and mystery sewers … how in the world are you???  I just realized it’s been about THREE WEEKS since my last confession post.  Gosh.  As we say here in Texas, “That ain’t right!”

You’ve probably guessed that my world has been a little rocked by my $35 Strapless Dress Revolution.  You are correct!  I’ve sold 35 dresses so far – HUGE THANK YOU to all of you!  So, I’m a little bit holed up on my sewing wall whenever my lame-non-sewing kids allow me the time.  Hopefully I’ll get caught up soon.

Anyway … I just couldn’t go another minute without passing along another easy project for y’all.  I realized today that I have never ever ever posted a tutorial for how to make a zipper pouch.  Seriously, y’all – how come no one has been harping???  Too late, you missed your chance because here’s a tutorial for how to make one of these little darlings:



And yes, it's even lined! I know - you're welcome!

How to Make a Lined Zipper Pouch – without a pattern! 


This may sound strange, but I prefer to start with the zipper .. meaning, the size of your zipper should determine the size (or atleast WIDTH) of your pouch. You'll want your zipper to be LONGER than the width of your fabric by atleast an inch or two on each side. This makes sewing up the sides so much easier!


I rarely measure, I just make sure that my fabric is narrower than my zipper - just like what you see here. You can make it as long as you want though. Decide on your outer fabric and cut two equal shapes.


Choose your lining fabric, and cut two more shapes the same size.


Now here's where you want to pay attention - we're going to be layering, and the order is very important. Start by placing one piece of your OUTER FABRIC face up. Then, along the upper width, place your zipper wrong size up and centered over the fabric.


See how the zipper pull is on the bottom not the top!


Now take one of your LINING pieces, and lay it on top of the zipper and outer fabric. You will want all three pieces (outer fabric, zipper, lining fabric) to align at the very top. You can pin if you prefer. No sew the two fabric pieces to the zipper.


When you open it up, it should look like this.


Okay, follow closely. Lay the remaining OUTER FABRIC piece face up. Turn your sewn section over so that the zipper pull is now on the opposite side but still facing down. Place the remaining LINING fabrin, on top of the entire set, face down. Look closely at the picture. You are aligning the two remaining fabric pieces at the top of the zipper, while the pieces already sewn are dangling down a little bit in the middle of the fabric sandwich.


Once you sew up the second size to the zipper, you'll have something that looks like this. Both OUTER FABRIC pieces on one side and the LINING pieces on the other, right sides facing each other.


And from another angle, this is what you'll see. Get excited now, because you are almost finished!


Lay out your pouch with the two sides separated. Unzip the zipper about halfway. Overlap the opening ends of the zipper just a bit. Now, sew a continuous seam all the way around the entire project - beginning with the lining and LEAVE AN OPENING for turning. (Apparently, my machine sews a straighter stitch than my fingers can draw one. relief!)


Clip the excess off the zipper at the sides, and then turn the pouch right side out by pulling everything through the opening. Use a pair of scissors to poke out the corners of the outer fabric.


Sew up that opening - and yes, duh, clip your fray thread! Then, tuck that little lining into your pouch....


And you got yourself a pouch that looks like this!


And it's beautiful on the inside too - are you as ecstatic as I am right now?!?!


If you want, you can tuck in the corners (okay, you can SEW them in also, but who has the extra 30 seconds to do that!?) and your pouch can stand on its own. Ta Da!

So there you go fun people – your very own lined zipper pouch in less than 10 minutes.  (DISCLAIMER: the first time will take you longer because your eyes get all whomperjawed trying to figure out the order and placement.  Don’t worry, it’s gets WAY faster!)

Here’s the breakdown:

Cost:  about $3 – depending upon which size zipper you get..cheaper if you thrift them or steal borrow them from your mother’s stash.  You can easily use scrap fabric, so there’s no charge there!

Time:  seriously and realistically – TEN MINUTES … if you give yourself a little longer for a time or two!

I love these.  I really really do.  Every time I make one I get a little bit happier in life.  I hope you do too!

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