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Gosh y’all… how are you doing???  I’m sort of living in chaos right now, and I love it!

This post is going to be brief and to-the-point … I know, I know, you don’t believe me.  That’s fine.  I’ve earned your distrust.  However, tonight I’m serious.  I’ve been missing you and missing writing tutorials.  So, despite my chaotic chaos, I wanted to share with you the fastest, easiest headband I’ve come up with yet.  Know what else????

I. Saved. THIRTY DOLLARS!!!  $$$$$$$$

I was shopping lusting  browsing around Anthropologie the other day and I saw these gorgeous headbands.  But are you kidding me right now???  $32????  For something I’m going to put on my overprocessed, frizzy and most likely dirty head of hair?  I’m way too cheap smart for that!

So I ran out to Hancocks.  I found some embellishment ribbon on clearance for $2/yd.  Then, I made myself a cheaper…but I think just as fabulous version.  Judge for yourself…


So, yes, it’s missing the rhinestones. If that’s important to you, you can pretty much buy a Bedazzler for the $29 you’re saving. I purchased the whole yard, but only used 23″.


Besides a needle and thread, the only other thing you need is a pony tail elastic.


It’s incredibly hard to photograph the back of your head by yourself… but what I’m trying to show you is that I used the length from the back of one ear, around the top of my head and over to the back of the other ear. Then give yourself a couple of more inches for the seams. I have a large head, so I used 23″.


Now wrap the ribbon around the elastic forming a casing.


As much as I hate saying this – the next step is to hand sew the casing closed. Maybe your machine can take the width of the ribbon. I’m jealous of you. If not…I can say with honesty that it only takes about 1 minute to sew each side. Repeat with the other side. (I love this photo b/c it shows how I’ve finally stopped biting my nails.  progress!)


I used white thread so you can see it … I just used very simple but sturdy stitches. Nothing time consuming at all. The only real “trick” I used was making sure I had several layers of thread in my needle.


Once you’ve completed the other side, you’ll end of with this little doozie. I love it. Fancy and Casual all in one.

And now for my feeble attempts at photographing the finished product on my head, all the while trying to make sure my craft room looks as clean and cool as possible.




Okay  y’all – here’s the lowdown:

Time: literally THREE MINUTES!  (That includes hand sewing… crazy wonderful)

Cost: $2 … that’s a savings of $29.  Hurry out and get you some matching shoes with that money!!!

Try this….please!!!!


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I have a small sheet of paper in my handly little note pad where I mapped out all the things I wanted to post for So Celebrate National Sewing Month.  Needless, to say, I have not even come close to completing that list.  Sigh.

One of the things on that list, however, is Fabric YoYos!

I had totally overlooked this on my list until I attended a baby shower on Saturday morning.  Darling Sarah Brumit gave the most darling onesies to our friend Lindsey … one she handpainted the sweetest polka dot trail, and the other she sewed three fabric yoyos across the top.  I so wish I had taken a picture of these little wonders because they were SO cute!

I hadn’t originally planned on doing a tutorial for yoyos – I was just going to show a few ways that they can be used as sweet and sassy embellishments … BUT… when I asked Sarah if she made her yoyos herself, she said no.  What!?!  Could it be that Sarah doesn’t know how?  If that’s the case —- I really need to remedy that for her!  Hence, today’s post – How to Make a Fabric YoYo!

All you need is a circle of fabric, a needle & thread, and an iron.

Press the edges of the circle to the inside just a small little bit.

Take your needle & thread and sew a basting stitch all the way around the circle. When you get back to where you started, gently pull on the thread and the sides will pull themselves into the center!

Tie a knot with the thread, press flat. You're done. Hilarious how easy that is, huh!?!

I added a covered button in the center and attached it to a fast and easy headband for Ellie.

And I made a pin / brooch out of another one. Just cut a circle of felt, sew the pin to the circle and hot glue it onto the back.

Fabric YoYos...any YoYo can make 'em!

There’s today’s little ditty about sewing celebrating.  I hope to see you again tonight… to catch up!?!?


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Well, I didn’t exactly get these 3 days of tutorials posted in 3 consecutive days…but I have managed to make good on my promise – whew!

So far, we’ve learned how to make a Ridiculously Easy headband using just a strip of fabric and as strip of elastic.  Then, we learned how to make that same type of headband only now it’s reversible and/or we added rick rack to the sides.

Today, we will make a headband with more shape to it by creating a pattern for your own head!  oh yeah!  Additionally, for this headband, the elastic will be encased in fabric.  This one has more panache than the others – but that doesn’t mean that any one type is better – just different.  They’re all winners just for being headbands!


This is the idea – you’ll see the actual headband has some shape to it and you can’t see the elastic!

Okay, let’s get started with the picture tutorial!

Before doing anything to change the width or the length, fold the strip lengthwise.


Start by measuring the crown of your head from just behind your ear, up over the top, all the way to the same point on the other ear. I use a string/rick rack.

Measure that length with measuring tape. (You can use measuring tape from the beginning, but I felt more confident using something made of fabric since my headband will be made of fabric)

Cut a strip of fabric 1" longer than the length you measured. For the width, just make it wide! You're going to begin the trial-and-error part of creating your pattern. You want to cut it too big so that you can cut it down to size. If you start too small, you just have to start all over again.

You should end up with something like this!

Now, go in front of a mirror and "try it on" for size. You're checking for both the length and width that you prefer. For mine, I made a mental note that I wanted it narrower, but I liked the length. (I'm just holding it with my hands behind my ears)

before doing anything about the width or length, fold the strip in half as shown - bringing the short ends together.

Now fold the strip, lengthwise, bringing the long ends together. This way, when you go to make changes to the shape and size, both sides will be mirror images.

Now you can create your desired shape...cut along the unfolded edge! You can see that I started narrow and then made it wider at the upper center. When I unfold the strip, you'll see that it's the same left and right and top and bottom.


Here's where you are making a pattern so that you can make more of these without having to go through all the trial and error. Just grab a sheet of scrap paper. Fold the headband strip in half so that you'll create your pattern from just half the band. See the next photo!

YOu can see I've created "half" a headband for my pattern and have indicated along the foldline to "cut on the fold" just like a commercial pattern would do. Now you can go ahead and cut one more headband strip so that you'll have 2 identical pieces. Set your pattern paper aside. (Once you're finished, if you need to make changes, you can mark them on the pattern paper)

Now we move on to the elastic casing. This time, measure underneath your hairline from ear to ear.

Now cut a strip for the elastic using that measurement plus 1" for seam allowances. Again, i just guessed on the width - keeping in mind that you'll fold this in half and will also need a seam allowance. It will still be pretty narrow unless you want to use crazy wide elastic!

Using another piece of scrap paper, cut out the elastic casing strip for a pattern just like you did for the headband. (After you've finished your headband, you can make changes to this if it need to be longer, wider, shorter, etc)

Now, let's get sewing! Put your paper pattern aside. Here is what you will be working with - 2 identical headband strips and 1 elastic strip.

Place your headband pieces right sides together. I've drawn the sewing lines on the fabric to make it easier for you see where to leave the opening. When you create your headband, you don't have to draw these lines! You can see there's a hole at the top, and the ends are left free as well.

Sew all the seams as indicated. Leave the necessary opening on the headband. For the elastic casing, fold right sides together and sew together lengthwise leaving the ends free.

trim the seams of your casing and turn right side out.

press your seams!

cut your elastic...of course, I guess on this meaurement!

Insert elastic into the casing strip

sew elastic to the edges using a tight zig zag stitch. (sorry for the shadow!)

Grab one end of the elastic casing with a long safety pin...

Pull the elastic casing through the hole in the headband, until it barely extends past one of the open ends.

Using a zigzag stitch, sew the casing to the edge of the headband side like shown.

reach inside and grab the other end of the casing. Put the safety pin thru it to guide to to the other end of the headband on the inside. Let it just peek out, and sew closed with a zig zag stitch. The headband will crinkle up like shown.

Now look inside the opening and grab the elastic casing. As you pull it out, it will pull the rest of the headband to the right side. This is just like turning a pillow cover right side out.

You can see the start of the casing coming out here...just pull it on out!

Here it is all turned out - SO EXCITING, HUH!?! - Now you have to press your seams. As you do this, you tuck the seam allowance of the opening to the inside, so that when you topstitch over it, it seals up!

Notice the seams are encased on the inside! GORGEOUS!!!! I'm salivating.

Oh the difference a hot iron makes! I'm a sucker for a nicely pressed seam!

Add your topstiching, then try it on for size! (If you don't like topstitching, you can hand sew the opening closed. If you've figured me out at all, you know there's no way I'm doing it by hand!) Also, this is the moment of truth for your sizing. The headband may or may not fit depending upon how accurately you were able to take your measurements, allow for seam allowances, etc. For mine, I was able to get it on, but I felt like it needed to be a tad looser. So, I went to my pattern and made an adjustment...

Notice on the right, I added a note to myself to increase the length of the casing strip by 1/2". Now I'm DONE! Now I have a pattern to make this whole process so much faster next time!

Of course, I couldn't stop there...I made another using all the tricks - reversible with rick rack!

….remember the first one you make is a Trial-and-Error one, so don’t use your prized scraps.  Isn’t that a funny term “prized scraps”?!?  Only true fabric hoarders know what that means!

Cost: FREE – you’re using scraps!

Time: First one – about 30/45 minutes.

Second one – about 10 minutes!

*************** AND NOW FOR A GIVEAWAY!!! ****************

I left out a small step.  If you can identify it, I’ll send you a headband!  (first 3 people to find it will win!)


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Hi there headbangers!  Sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Yesterday we learned how to make a very simple and fast headband using fabric scraps and elastic scraps.  If you missed it, click here.

Today, we’ll do basically the same thing, except we’ll make it reversible!  At the end, I’ll also show you how to embed Ric Rac in the side seams.

Choose your two fabrics. I started with Fat Quarter bundles I purchased a long time ago from Joann's for $1 each. (I stock up on these when they're on sale and turn them into fabric napkins...not too shabby to have an 8-piece set of fabric napkins for $8 stinkin' dollars! Take that Crate and Barrell!)

Place the 2 fabrics right-sides-together and cut a strip to your desired finished width plus 1". (this means you'll be cutting 2 strips, but you'll cut them at the same time so it takes just one cut. The extra 1" allows for a .5" seam on both sides.) Also...you'll see there's nothing technical about the way I measure and cut my strips. I use a 59 cent tape measure. Yes, I have a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat, but who cares! It's a headband, this works perfectly! (I should note - if I were making one for Michelle Obama, i would probably use my rotary cutter for precision!)

Here's what you'll end up - 2 strips, right sides facing each other. Trim them to the length you want plus another 1". I think I make mine about 18.5" but again, it's a little different every time.

Then, sew your side seams together using about a 1/2" seam allowance. Leave the ends open. ( I love this photo because, even though it's totally blurry, it shows how you don't have to do this perfectly..notice how the seam on the left goes whomperjawed at the end! love it! darn those kids!)

trim your seam allowances close to the stitching...this ensures that you don't have a bulky headband...remember, there's a BIG difference between lovely handmade and hoopty homemade. Lets' go for lovely!

Then turn your tube right side out - I use a large safety pin, others prefer to use pencils...I hear you can even buy a "tube turner"...as if!

then, press your seams/tube. ... Say it with me - "If you don't have time to press, you don't have time to sew!"

Tuck in the sides about a 1/2" each and press.

Here's a shot of sexy stash elastic! Grab some and just cut small strip. I guess, surprise!, on the length...usually around 5".

To sew your elastic into the sides, set your machine on a zigzag stitch. Anytime you sew with elastic, or anything stretchy, a zigzag stitch is your best friend.

Insert one of the elastic into one end of the headband, sew closed. Then, keeping the elastic straight and not twisted, instert the other end into the other end of the headband, sew shut.

TaDa - the crowd goes wild!!! You're finished!

I posted a ton of pictures for this tutorial, so it seems like this is an exhaustive process, but I guarantee you it’s NOT!  Just like the other one, this takes about 5 minutes!

Cost – FREE because you use scraps!

Time – 5-15 minutes!

Now….for the Ric Rac option..

Too add ric rac into your headband (rather than sew it on top as an accent) you’ll do it as follows…

I guess I should start by showing WHAT IS RIC RAC? It's that fun, old fashionedy, dainty ribbon that has a zig zag shape!

Cut 2 strips of ric rac just a tad bit longer than your fabric strips. On the RIGHT SIDE of one of the strips, sew the ric rac down each side - when sewing ric rac, use a STRAIGHT STITCH! The brilliant creators of this stuff designed it this way...it's way easier than trying to follow the curves. Trust me, I know from experience!

I somehow neglected to take a photo of the next step..but it’s easy…

Place your 2nd strip on top of this strip – RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER.  Then, to sew the strips together, place the tube in your machine so that the seams from the ric rac are facing you.  Sew the tube along those lines!  The ensures that you encase the ric rack exactly halfway inside and halfway outside your headband.  Like this….

Darling! And doesn't this look expensive!!!

Alright – go get sewing!

Coming up tomorrow….

A headband with more shape AND covered elastic - just the one shown on top!


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Oh how I love the words FREE and EASY in the same sentence…especially when they apply to the same project!

As most of you have been, I’ve been pretty couped up inside the house because of  Antarctica paying us a visit.  As most good moms do, I decide to spend my time working on new sewing projects.  I have no idea what the kids have been doing, but I’ve been having a LOT of fun!  (I’m sort of kidding on this, don’t call CPS…yet.)

I’ve been making headband after headband after headband.  Seriously.  It’s getting kind of ridiculous, but I’m LOVING using up so many scraps of fabric and elastic!  I was having so much fun, that I thought some of you out there might like to join in on the excitement, too.  So, I’ve created 3 headband tutorials that you can make from scratch – you don’t need a pattern for any of these because you’ll just make your own!

Here’s a sampling of what’s coming:

Left to Right: how to make a simple headband with exposed elastic, how to make a simple headband with covered elastic, and how to make a shaped headband creating your own personalized pattern.

For today, I thought I’d start with the most basic.  Really, y’all…it’s ridiculous.  I’m calling it the RIDICULOUSLY EASY HEADBAND FOR RIDICULOUSLY COOL PEOPLE.

How cute is this??? I have made about 30 for me, 50 for Ellie...and coming soon - tons for baby Livia Rosamund!

Supplies: Fabric -1 scrap piece  about 18″ x 4″ & a scrap piece of elastic about 5″ (thread, duh!)

Cut a strip of fabric however long and however wide you want. The finished headband will be narrower than half the width the cut, so keep this in mind. I cut mine at 4" wide knowing the finished width would be about 1.5". Then, I guessed on the length and cut it 18.5". I like the finished length for an adult. So, I cut my strip 4" X 18.5"....make it shorter if it will be for a kiddo! THEN - Press a fold all the way down the center - wrong sides together.

Next, press another fold (to the inside/wrong side) about 1/2" all the way down. There's no way I'm taking the time to really measure this, I just guess. If you're a more...let's say...meticulous sewer...then take your hem gauge and measure the same all the way down the side.

Yes mom, I’ve been biting my nails again.

It will look like this!

Then do the same thing to the other side!

At each end - fold your corners inside like this...this will keep any of your fabric fraying and sneaking out into the world!

Then, at both ends, fold in the outer edge just a bit to further encase those raw edges. Again...I don't measure this but you're welcome to if you're crazy ...I mean, meticulous enough!

Then, you simply fold the strip along that center fold line that you pressed.  You might need to adjust it a bit with your iron.  Then, cut a strip of elastic…again, I just guessed on the length at about 5″ and it turned out great.  I have a big head, so you might need shorter…just guess!  =)  Put one end of elastic into the opening of one side.  Sew closed using a zig-zag stitch.  Switch back to straight stitch and stitch down one side.  Insert the other end of the elastic into the other opening.  Sew closed with zig-zag stitch.  Switch back to straight stitch and sew up the second side.  done!

I'm borrowing this from tomorrow's tutorial - reversible ridiculously easy headband - but here you can see the tube holes where you'll instert the elastic.

And here is a shot of the elastic having been inserted and sewn...don't forget to clip all those threads!

Make It, Sell It..but by ALL MEANS WEAR IT!!! woo hoo!

cost: FREE – everything I used was from my scraps pile.

time: seriously, y’all – 8 minutes if you’re confident.  15 minutes if you’re a little reluctant.  awesome, huh!?!

coming up tomorrow::::::::


Love me some Ric Rac!


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Hooray for more Headbands! … DIY Day #25

I have seriously got to get on the ball…this last-minute DIYing is getting old!  Thank goodness for a never decreasing stash of “one-day-I’ll-get-around-t0-making-this” stuff!

We host a city group in our home every Wednesday night – and tonight, we all enjoyed each other’s company until about 11pm.  Then,  I had to take atleast a couple of minutes to say hello to my husband for the first time today.  Then, I had to check on my Etsy convos.  And then, I had to grab a snack….and THEN… I had to make something.

Here is what I made in THREE MINUTES for $2.50…..

Supplies: headband, feather ($1.99), hotglue gun

Seriously, all you do is hotglue the feather onto the headband where you want it. hilariously easy!

Then, you can either wear it and soak in all the compliments, OR…you can sell it on Etsy for $13.00 like this one!


The lovely Lacey Prewitt!

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Oh gosh, where to begin?!?!  Today was a wonderful day as we celebrated Ellie Christine’s 3rd birthday.  She began the weekend with lots of fever but she held on strong to have a truly wonderful party.  I have honestly never seen her so thoroughly happy…I think she may a little bit of her mother’s Party-Love in her.  Oh well, she’ll always manage to have a good time with a crowd, that’s for sure!

After a long day and a good hot bath, I sat down to make a fun headband for my jogging adventures this week.  I like those elastic headbands that have the rubbery stuff on the back – they’re skinny and hold on tight.  Problem is – they’re NOT CUTE!  Not, that is, until you add….A COVERED BUTTON, OF COURSE.  And they’re even cuter when you add THREE covered buttons!

Below, you’ll find a brief photo blog of how to assemble them….plus  a few shots of today’s party – Memaw made the trip down from Dallas after spending a week in the hospital, so I wanted to show off a couple shots of her!  Thanks, mom, for bringing her down!  I had a great time with y’all!

Materials: elastic headband, buttons to cover, twine, scissors, scrap fabric

On the back piece of the button, pull out the metal loop with your scissors leaving 2 holes.

loop twine around the elastic headband and into the two holes

twist the twine - tightly encasing the headband and securing the button back. Trim the twine close with your scissors.

cover your button as usual...add as many as you want!

Time: about 6 minutes.

Cost: 7/8″ covered buttons are about $1.25 for 4.  I used 3, so let’s round up to $1.  I had all the other supplies on hand, so total for me $1.  If you bought everything new, I’d guess this would cost you about $3..but you’ll have that twine roll around for a long time and you’ll usually get about 5 headbands in a pack, so you can make lots more of these with no extra cost!  So get to it!

And now, for the shameless birthday photos…

Jonathan with the little "bakers"

Ellie (in the middle) with a glimps of Owen on the right.

Can you believe MeMaw is 93!?!? No way!!! I want proof!

a beautiful moment with two beautiful gals!

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