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Yesterday, I posted a tutorial on how to make Pom Pom Garland in 15 minutes for $3… Well… it seems I should’ve written about my little sign instead! 


In my post, I was showing where I placed my fun little stand of garland – but y’all were actually more interested in the words of the sign. Now that I think of it – I can’t blame y’all!

So below is a photo of the full script.. afterwards I’ll explain how I did it!


When my grandmother had to move out of her home into a retirement community, she gave me lots of things. My most cherished, though, is this – her cutting board. When I got it, it was just a large, heavy, wooden rectangle. It’s solid wood and oh so heavy! I digress… I thought and thought about what to do with it, knowing full well that I’d never have a space quite large enough to use it as she did.

I initially planned on ordering a vinyl decal of one of my favorite poems or sayings. So I got on Etsy and searched for “custom vinyl decals.” Somehow I came upon Dali Decals. It’s not there now, but back in 2009 they were showing this script as an example of their custom work. The photo showed it on a wall with a very western font. I asked if I could have that wording but in a different font and special-sized… YES! They even sent me a link with 3,000 fonts!!!  Whatevs. I quickly asked them to narrow it down – I wanted something fun and fancy not too serious or overused. They sent me 10 options, I picked this one. Sorry – I have no idea which one it was… but I love it!  They were super easy to work with…I think it cost me $60 for this large one. ***I am not receiving any kickbacks for naming Dali Decals – it’s the truth of the story behind my sign. Word up.

So, I spray painted the back of the board about 1,000 times. Turns out, you really should use primer on solid wood. Once I finally got the goldish ivory latte color I wanted, I applied the decal. Easy Peasy. 


These decals are super fun. I’m kind of over them on actual walls, but I think they make great pieces of art!


We’ve moved twice since I made this, so it’s peeling and scratching from not-so-careful husbands.. I’m sorry, I mean movers…


… but I love it just the way it is! I miss my Memaw soooo much and sew much … But she showed me how to live just the way this sign instructs!

As perfect and wonderful as this sign is… I think today’s sign should add:

In this home – we’re doing timeouts for everyone!


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