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What’s up sewers and fabric hoarders!

I thought I’d pass along two dresses… both can be made to order… as usual, the first one is made in a size 6/8 so those are ready to ship!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Team Spirit dress in Lark by Amy Butler. Oh how I love this fabric… obviously, right!

Made to Order: Size 2-28

Ready to ship: Size Small (4/6…maybe even 8 if you’re small busted)

$68…. (Etsy price: $78)


Pantone's color of the year is pale purple. But let's be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin'.

Pantone’s color of the year is pale purple. But let’s be honest…I hate that color! This is my favorite print so far with any sort of purple in it. Just sayin’.

Made to Order: any size!

Ready to Ship: size small (6/8)

$40 … (Etsy price: $55)

Just in case you’ve got a little Easter shopping to do!

Stay tuned…I’ve got a new tutorial coming ASAP!

love and fabric to all,



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It’s late.  I’m up.  Soooo, I thought I’d share with you, before I forget, something I’ve been working on.  I’m working feverishly on Etsy orders, but to keep my mind fresh I always sneak in extra projects.

The first such project was to coordinate our outfits for our Family Christmas Photo Shoot we had last Monday.  Now, each year I make REAL plans to do this.  This, however, is the first year I have actually followed through.

Ellie desperately wanted pink.  DUH!  I knew I didn’t want our photos to have pinkness vomited all over them, so I had to go with something muted.  So, for the girls I chose a fabric you’ve seen before on a big scarf because I just love it.  It’s super soft, and it looks good on babies, girls and adults.  I coupled it with beige muslin and doses of black and white houndstooth.

(As usual, sorry for the lame photos!) I wanted them to coordinate but not be identical. So, Ellie got a fun tunic/dress with ruffley bottom pants. Rosamund had a baby version of my Team Spirit dress that I added huge pleated ruffles.

Twenty minutes before the shoot we had to sneak owen in to get a haircut. I'm glad we did because this is the only pre-shoot photo I got of Ellie.

We had to keep a bib on Rosamund to keep her from drooling all over her dress, but you can atleast get the idea!

For Owen, I finally found a truly AWESOME pattern for a boy’s jacket.  I was looking for a sports coat pattern, but I found something way cooler and way better for a boy in Austin, Texas.

This is Lillygiggle's photo of her KREW JACKET pattern that you can find here. Awesome, huh!?! It's a repurpose project using clothing that's too small! Genius!

I was in a hurry, of course, so I only had time to get the pockets sewn onto a sweatshirt. Even with just that, my husband said "What!?! Make ME one!". I call that a victory!

All in all, I'm super happy with how they turned out. Actually, I'm ecstatic that all three kids had something!!! woohoo. I will remember this long after they do!

Alrighty.  Now back to shopping.  Or sewing.  Anything but sleeping!

(Oh, and here’s a super special shout out to our amazing photographer, kara, from Click Chick Images.  She was SO awesome!)


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Today, the last day of National Sewing Month, I am hoping to get caught up … I had hoped to post 30 days of reasons to Celebrate Sewing.  I think I managed to post about 19 or so…I lot count of how far behind I am!  So today, September 30th – I hope to post a few times with a few more reasons to celebrate sewing!

First for today – I Celebrate Etsy!

I think I have said before that Etsy came into my life at a time when I really needed encouragement.  I was surprised that people wanted to purchase my dresses.  I was surprised at how encouraging each sale was to my soul!  Thank you Etsy!

Truthfully, what I like most about Etsy is the international community.  I have sold dresses to women in the U.S., Australia, France, England, Japan, TAHITI!, etc.  It’s been super cool.  One of these days I’m going to print out a huge map and put pretty pins everywhere I’ve sent a dress.  (try to hold back from coughing in disbelief that I’ll actually do this!)

What is also super fun about Etsy is that it’s not uncommon for a woman/customer to sort of “get to know” the seller and vice versa.  Hence today’s photo …

By far, my biggest seller is my Team Spirit Dress. I have sold so many of these it makes me cross-eyed to try to count.  Really fun!

I have known that this dress is versatile – can be worn as a dress, a tunic, a mini dress, over jeans, over shorts, with leggins, over a T-shirt, with a cardigan, etc, etc, etc.

But recently, an Etsy customer sent me a photo of her gorgeous self wearing her Team Spirit Dress.  This by far is my FAVORITE TEAM SPIRIT photo EVER!!!

While this beautiful woman doesn’t live in A-Town – I’m convinced this is the Austin Way to Wear a Team Spirit Dress!

Thank you Etsy for introducing me to hundreds of women all over world who love dresses and appreciate hand-made!

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